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elcome to the official website of the International Scientific Committee on Shot Peening (ISCSP). The goal of the ISCSP is to promote the dissemination of knowledge and the research activities in the area of shot peening and allied processes. ISCSP also hosts a triennial international conference, the next is the Fifteenth International Conference on Shot Peening (ICSP-15) Sept. 22-25, 2025, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, USA.

The ISCSP has members from most of the countries that have a substantial shot peening industry. Reflecting our goal of promoting scientific interest in shotpeening -- rather than promoting industrial organizations -- the majority of these members are from academic institutions. For an historical perspective of ISCSP, view Dr. Niku-Lari's video address to the ICSP-11 audience.

Topics of these pages

  • Information and history about the formation of ISCSP and past conferences is available on the conferences page.
  • ISCSP Committee members may be contacted for promotion of shot peening related activities.

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Politecnico di Milano
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