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Papers presented at ICSP-4 in Tokyo, Japan, 1990
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 66
TitleAuthorDoc No.
A New Concept For Fatigue Strength Evaluation Of Shot Peened Specimens Jinkui, Mei, Renzhi 1990001
An Approach To The Design Of Centrifugal Magnetic Peening System MC Sharma, Ajit Dixit, A. Mubeen 1990004
An Investigation Of The Durability And Breakdown Characteristics Of Shot Peening Media Gillespie, R.D. and Gloerfeld, H. 1990005
Application Of Shot Peening To Stress Corrosion Cracking Of Chemical Processing Equipment Yoshie, K. 1990006
Ball Peening Machines And Some Aspects Of Ball Peening Of Steam Turbine Blades Korzynski, M. 1990008
Comparative Performance Of Glass Beads In Suction And Direct Pressure Shot Peening Applications Goldman, Sutker, Schmidt, Suttmeier 1990010
Computer Monitored Controlled Deflector Peening Happ, Marvin and Daly, James 1990013
Consideration Of Shot Peening In Fatigue Strength Calculation Of Machine Parts Nakonieczny, A. 1990015
Criterion To Select Materials For Shot Peening And Rolling Hardening Xingzeng, Xinlong, ZhongXing, Jianzhon 1990018
Development Of Hard And Tough Steel Shot Hatano, Namiki, Endo, Doizaki 1990019
Development Of The Peen Forming Process For Spherical Shaped Components Hornauer, K.P. and Kohler, W. 1990020
Effect Of Alloying Elements And Shot Peening On Fatigue Strength Of Carburized Steel Nakamura, Matsushima, Hasegawa, Kouka 1990021
Effect Of Biaxial Stress By Shot Peening On Fatigue Limit N. Hu, X. Wang, D. Zhang, K. Xu 1990022
Effect Of Glass Beads Nature, Manufacturing And Ageing On The Behaviour Of Shot Peened Aeronautical Materials P. Arker, J. Lu, J. Flavenot 1990023
Effect Of Shot Peening And Polymer Coating On Corrosion Fatigue Behaviour Of Carbon Steels Sharma, M.C. and Rao, R.N.V.D.M. 1990025
Effect Of Shot Peening Conditions On Fatigue Strength Of Carburized Steels H. Aoki, E. Nagashima, T. Miura 1990026
Effect Of Shot Peening On The Pitting Fatigue Strength Of Carburized Gears Kobayashi, M. and Hasegawa, K. 1990027
Effect Of Shot Peening On The Fatigue Strength Of Carburized Steels Naito, Ochi, Takahashi, Suzuki 1990028
Effect Of Various Peening Parameters On Compressive Residual Stress For Carburized Steel T. Seno, H. Horiuchi, T. Naito 1990029
Effects Of Shot Peening On Fatigue-damaged High Strength Aluminum Alloy-appl.of Rejuvenation On Fatigue-damaged Components Oshida, Yoshiki and Daly, James 1990030
Fatigue Strength And Residual Stress Distribution Of The Work-softened Steel By Shot Peening Iida, K. and Tosha, K. 1990031
Fatigue Strength Of Gear Steels Shot Peened In Extremely High Intensity Conditions Adachi, S. 1990032
Fatigue Strength Of Welded Joints After Pneumatic Shot Peening Lunarski, J. 1990033
Improvement Of Hardened Surface By Shot Peening Ohsawa, M. and Yonemura, T. 1990034
Influence Of Ageing Of A Cut Steel Wire Shot During Shot Peening Flavenot, J. F. and Lu, J. 1990035
Influence Of Peening On Fatigue Life Of Sic Reinforced Aluminum S. Tohriyama, M. Kumano,S. Hisamatsu 1990036
Influence Of Residual Stress On Fatigue Of Carburized And Shot Peened Notched Specimens Ogawa, Yamada, Saruki, Yokoi, Inuzuka 1990037
Influence Of Shot Peening On The Microstructure And The Bending Fatigue Strength Of Bainitic-austenitic Nodular Cast Iron Ebenau, Lohe, Vohringer, Macherauch 1990038
Influence Of Shot Peening Onthe Cyclic Deformation Behaviour Of The Steel 42 Crmo 4 In A Normalized State Ebenau, Eifler, Vohringer, Macherauch 1990039
Influence Of The Surface Properties On The Bending Strength Of Shot Peened Carburized Steel Hisamatsu, Kanazawa, Toyoda 1990040
Measurement And Research Of The Shot Peening Velocity And The Surface Hardness Lingli, Qimin, Yingying, Enyang, Anhui 1990041
Microstructual Investigations Of The Shot Peened Steel 42 Crmo 4 In Diff.heat Treat Cond.by Aid Of X-ray Profile Analysis Burgahn, Vohringer, Macherauch 1990042
Microstructure Aspects Of Work-softening Phenomenon For Steel And Aluminum Hailin, Mingzhi, Jiawen, Iida 1990043
Modern Equipment For Controlled Shot Peening And Peen Forming Baiker, AG 1990044
Modern Simulation And Optimization Of Peen Forming Processes Kopp, R. and Wustefeld, F. 1990045
Modification Of The Residual Stresses And Microstructures In Hard Chromium Plating By Shot Peening Lu, Reby, Vasseur, Flavenot, Sutter 1990046
Monitoring Of Shotpeening Processes By Hybrid Recorders Bosshard, Fritchman, Badertscher 1990047
Peening Effect On Flow Resistance Of Air Iida, K. and Miyazaki, K. 1990048
Peening Effect On Machining Of Steel Iida, K. and Ito, J. 1990049
Peening With Ceramic Shot Barzoukas, H. and Jauffret, J. 1990051
Possibilities Of Improving Fatigue Properties Of Machine Elements By Pneumatic Shot Peening Lunarski, J. and Zielecki, W. 1990052
Prediction Of Fatigue Strength Of Shot-peened And Then Ground Specimens Jinkui, Haitao, Mei, Renzhi 1990053
Psi-splitting In Residual Stress Test For Curvature Yonghe, Yu and Jiawen, He 1990054
Recent Developments In Shot Peening Machine Aoki, Hiroji and Takeda, Hitoshi 1990055
Relation Between Shot-peening Residual Stress Distribution And Fatigue Crack Propagation Life In Spring Steel Tange, Akira and Takamura, N. 1990056
Relationship Between Change In Leaf Spring Camber And Residual Stresses Produced By Shot Peening Kurihara, Shimoseki, Sato, 1990057
Relaxation Of Shot Peening Residual Stresses Of The Steel 42 Crmo 4 By Tensile Or Compressive Deformation Hanagarth, Vohringer, Macherauch 1990058
Residual Stress And Hardness Distributions Induced By Shot Peening Tosha, K. and Iida, K. 1990059
Selection Of Optimum Peening Parameters To Improve Stress Corrosion Cracking Resist.of 18mn 4cr Generator End Ret.ring Steel Mukhopadhyay, Prasad, Sharma 1990060
Shot Peening Retards "fretting" LeGuernic, Yves 1990069
Shot Peening Versus Laser Shock Processing Banas, G. and Lawrence,Jr., F.V. 1990071
Shot Peening, Coating And Boiling Heat Transfer Nadkarni, MC Sharma, S. Sharma 1990074
Simulation Of Spherical Shaped Surfaces Produced By Peen Forming With Pointed Ball Shooting At Lower Coverages Clausen, R. and Bruder, M. 1990077
Stock Removal And Surface Residual Stress Of Grit Blasted Titanium Tosha, K. and Iida, K. 1990080
Study on the Effects of Shot Peening on the Residual Stress in A1-siC Composite J. Lu, B. Miege and J. Flavenot 1990081
The Automated Three-dimensional Analysis Of Steel Plate To Shot Peening Mechanics Al-Obaid, Y. F. 1990082
The Effect Of Shot Peening On Rolling Contact Fatigue Behaviour And Its Crack Initiation And Propagation In Carburized Steel Hongbin, Qing, Eryu, Dengzhen, Zhaohong 1990085
The Effect Of Shot Peening On Strain-controlled Fatigue Behaviours Yonghe, Y. 1990086
The Effects Of Shot-peening On Residual Stresses And Fatigue Strength Of Carburized Gear Steels Hashimoto, Shiratori, Nagashima 1990087
The Influence Of Broken Shots On Peening Effect Of Hard Shot Peening Watanabe, Hasegawa, Namiki, Natano 1990088
The Microstructure And The Fatigue Properties Of Shot-peened Carburized Gear Steel 20crmnti Deng-zhen, Ri-heng, Feng-en, Ji-xue 1990089
The Relation Between Shot Peening Conditions And Fatigue Strength Of Carburized Gears Matsumoto, Suzuki, Okada 1990090
Tighting Surface In Electric Machines Is Possible Something To Change: Djozic Salko and Zagreb Yu 1990094
Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis Of Shot Peening Strengthened Layer For Some Industrial Alloys J.Y. Wang, Y.X Tan, R.H Zhu 1990095
Vibratory Burnishing Of External Cylindrical Surfaces Barski, T. and Gajek, M. 1990096
A Study About Dent Of Shot Peening And Its Application In Residual Stress Field Calculation Jinkui, Ruiping, Mei, Renzhi 1990172