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Papers presented at ICSP-3 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany , 1987
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 76
TitleAuthorDoc No.
Additional Shot Peening For Workshop Salko, Djosic 1987000
An Investigation into the Influence on the Fatigue Strength of Aluminium Alloy Parts of Load Spectrum Base Level and Residual Jaensson, B. and Magnusson, L. 1987001
Analysis Of Some Particular Cases Of Shot-peening And Their Influence On Field Of Residual Stresses Barret, L. and Cailliau, J. 1987002
Application Of Shot Peening And Blasting Methods In The Aircraft Industry Nagel, G. 1987003
Application Of The Incremental Hole Drilling Method For The Measurement Of Residual Stress Distribution In Shot-peened Compon Lu, J. and Flavenot, J.F. 1987004
Automated Shot Peen Quality Control Through The Use Of Parametric Sensors R. Gillespie, and W. Hasty Jr 1987005
Changes In The State Of The Material By Shot Peening Vohringer, O. 1987008
Computer Simulation Of Different Surface Topographies Of Metals Produced By Blasting Processes Knotek, O. and Elsing, R. 1987009
Controlled Shot Peening Can Help Prevent Stress Corrosion Cracking Gillespie, B. 1987010
Controlled Shot Peening, Complete Plants And Examples Of Application Bosshard, R.G. and Hornauer, K.P. 1987011
Development Of Mechanical Surface Strengthening Processes From The Beginning Until Today Kloos, K. H. and Macherauch, E. 1987015
Dovetail Peening By The Deflector Method Happ, M. B. 1987016
Effect of Modified Surface Microstructures through Shot Peening and Subsequent Heat Treatment on the Elevated Temperature Fat Gray, Wagner, Lutjering, 1987018
Effect Of Shot Peening Conditions On Fatigue Strength Of Two Alloys For Turboengines Disks Guedou, and Evry 1987020
Effect Of Shot-peening On Fatigue And Fretting Fatigue Behaviour Of 8090 And 7010 Aluminum Alloys Fair, Noble, Waterhouse 1987021
Effect Of Work-piece Hardness On Peening Intensity Under Local Peening Sharma, M. C. 1987022
Effects Of Peening On Magnetic Properties In Soft Magnetic Alloys Nishi, Harano, Kai, Tachi 1987023
Effects Of Peening On Superconducting Transition Properties Nishi, Harano, Hara, Furukawa, Ninomiya 1987024
Effects Of Plastic Straining On Residual Stresses Induced By Shot-peening Kirk, D. 1987025
Effects Of Shot Peening On The Corrosion Fatigue Properties Of Spring Steels Kaiser, B. 1987026
Fatigue Behavior Of Shot Peened Steel Desvignes, Gentil, Khabou 1987028
Fatigue Behaviour Of Shot Peened Tia16v4 In The Temperature Range 20 Deg.c < T < 450 Deg. C Hanagarth, Vohringer, Macherauch 1987029
Fatigue Strength Of Case Hardened And Shot Peened Gears Hirsch, Wohlfahrt, Macherauch 1987031
Fatigue Strength of Shot-Peened Grade 35 NCD 16 Steel. Variation of Residual Stresses Introduced by Shot Peening According to Bignonnet, A. 1987032
Fatigue Strength Of Work Softening Layer Produced By Shot Peening Iida, K. and Tosha, K. 1987033
Fundamental Aspects Of The Effect Of Shot Peening on The Fatigue Strength of Metallic Parts and Structures Lieurade, H.P. and Bignonnet, A. 1987034
Important Considerations For Utilizing Shot Peening As A Design Tool Simpson, R.S. and Garibay, R.P. 1987042
Improve Fatigue Limit On Coil Spring N. Hu, X. Liu, J. Yao and K. Jin 1987043
Improved Fatigue Performance Of Gears Through Controlled Shot Peening Diepart, C.P. and Burrell, N.K. 1987044
Improvement Of Ni 18 (250) Maraging Steel Weldment Fatigue Strength Through Shot Peening Banas, G. and Lawrence,Jr., F.V. 1987045
Improvement To The Fatigue Strength Of Drop-forged Specimens By Airless Blast Cleaning Kloos, Kaiser, Oppermann 1987046
Influence of Change of Microstructure and residual stress field in surface Shot Peen Strain Layer on Fatigue Behavior Qiu, Q. and Wang, R. 1987047
Influence of Peening Parameters, Coating Temperatures and Operating Loads on Residual Stresses of Shot-Peened Barrell Springs Hutter, W. and Kloos, K.H. 1987048
Influence Of Shot Peening Induced Surface Roughness, Residual Macrostresses and Dislocation Density on the Elevated Temperatu Gray, Wagner, Lutjering 1987049
Influence Of Shot Peening On Fatigue Of Sintered Steels Under Constant And Variable Amplitude Loadng Sonsino, C.M. and Koch, M. 1987050
Influence Of Shot Peening On The Bending Fatigue Behaviour Of Notched Specimens Of Ck 45 Hoffmann, Lohe, Macherauch 1987051
Influence Of The Shot Peening Angle On The Condition Of Near Surface Layers In Materials Ebenau, Vohringer, Macherauch 1987052
Investigation On The Effect Of Shot Peening On Elevated Temperature Fatigue Behavior Of Superalloy Chen, Y. and Wang, R. 1987053
Maximization Of Flexural Fatigue Strength Of Heat-treated Steel Specimens Using Mult.peen.techniques Woelfel, M. M. 1987055
Modern Shot Peening Technology Nachman, G. 1987058
On The Effects Of Shot Peen.on The Fatigue Strgth.and The Resid.stresses Of Parts Made Of Ti A16 V4 Kussmaul, Guth, Stuttgart 1987060
Optimization Of Shot Peening To Improve The Fatigue Strength Of Ti-6a1-4v Franz, H.E. and Olbricht, A. 1987061
Optimum Peening Intensities Fuchs, H. O. 1987062
Peen Forming By Pointed Ball Shooting (ball Shot Forming) Clausen, R. and Bruder, M. 1987063
Practical Aspects of Application of Shot Peening to Improve the Fatigue Behaviour of Metals and Structural Components Wohlfahrt, H. 1987069
Recent Developments In Shot Peen Forming Kopp, R. and Ball, H. 1987070
Relationship Between Shot Peening Surface Strain Layer And The Fatigue Str. Of High-str.alum.alloy Renzhi, Xiangbin, Hen 1987071
Residual Stress Concentration And Its Effect On Notch Fatigue Strength Zhang, K. Xu, X. Wang, N. Hu 1987073
Selected Examples On The Topography Of Shot Peened Metal Surfaces Kohler, W. and Hornauer, K.-P. 1987075
Shot Peen Forming - An Economical Solution Tatton, R.J.D. 1987077
Shot Peen-forming Of Nc-machined Parts With Integrated Stringers Using Large Balls Meyer, Reccius, Schulein 1987078
Shot Peening Of Components To Improve Fatigue Strength Schutz, W. 1987080
Shot Peening Of Fast And Electroheated Metals Al-Obaid, Ismail, Al-Bassam 1987081
Shot Peening Of Nodular Cast Iron Parent-Simonin and J Flavenot 1987083
Shot Peening Of The Gear Surface With Ground Cracks Y. Tan, B. Ma, L. Ren, Q. Ye 1987084
Shot Peening Of Welded Joints And Residual Stress Relaxation During Fatigue Bignonnet, Lieurade, Picouet, Castex 1987085
Shot Peening On Torsion Fatigue J. He, Y. Wu, Y. Yu, J. Flavenot 1987086
Shot Peening To Prevent Stress Corr.cracking And Corr.fatigue Failures Of Austenitic Stainless Steel Risch, K. 1987087
Shot Peening, Special Application And Procedure Kiefer, B. 1987088
Size Effect On Fatigue Strength Of Shot Peened Carburized Steel Hisamatsu, S. and Kanazawa, T. 1987089
Study of Fatigue Damage in Shot Peened Aluminium Alloys using Acoustic Emmission and Macro/Microscopic X-Ray Diffraction Inve Bonnafe, Maeder, Bathias, Compiegne 1987092
Testing Of Shot Blasting Regimes And Metal Prod.surf.hardening Parameters By Barkhausen Effect Meth Filinov, V. and Shaterniklov, V. 1987094
The Effect Of Inherent Tolerances In The Almen Test Strip On Shot Peening Process Reliability Simpson, Clark, Chiasson 1987095
The Effect Of Shot Peening On Fatigue Strength Of Zinc Coated Steels Burakowski, Nakonieczny, Babul 1987096
The Investigation Of Operating Properties Of The Surface After Hammering Barski, T. 1987097
The Research To The Contact Fatigue Behaviour Influenced by the Residual Stresses on the Surface of the Shot Peened Specimen Zhu, J. and Guo, P. 1987098
The Responsibility For Reliability Balcar, G. P. 1987099
The Total Cost of Weight Revisited: An Essay on Cost as a Function of Weight in automobiles and the Use of Shot Peening to R Terry, S.L. and Simpson, R.S. 1987100
The Use Of The Shot Peen Process As A Design Tool Through The Use Of Microprocessors Daly, James J. 1987101
Thermal Relaxation Of Shot Peening Resid.stresses In The Diff.heat Treated Plain Carbon Steel Ck 45 Hoffmann, Scholtes, Vohringer 1987102
Topography And Fracture Studies Of Surfaces Shot Peened At Different Intensities Simpson, R.S. and Probst, R.L. 1987103
Use Of A Finite Element Meth.for The Prediction Of Shot-peened Resid.stress Relaxation During Fatigu Lu, J. and Flavenot, J.F. 1987105
X-ray Microstructure And Resid.stress Analysis Of Shot Peened Surface Layers During Fatigue Loading Bergstrom, J. and Ericsson, T. 1987108
Fatigue Progress in Shot-Peened Surface Layers. (Retroactive Coverage). Berns, H ; Weber, L 1987113
About The Influence Of Different Separation Systems On Shot Peening Treatment Kreikenbaum, H. and Fischer, G. 1987150
Peening with fused ceramic beads P.P. Muller, D. Urffer 1987221