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Papers presented at ICSP-2 in Chicago, USA, 1984
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Total articles: 55
TitleAuthorDoc No.
An Empirical Model For Weld Fatigue Resistance Chang, S.T. and Lawrence,Jr., F.V. 1984000
An Engineering Approach To Shot Peening Mechanics Al-Hassani, S.T.S. 1984001
An Overview Of Peen Forming Technology Baughman, D.L. 1984003
Behavior Of Peen-formed Steel Strip On Isochronal Annealing Kirk, D. 1984004
Bending Fatigue Behavior Of Differently Heat Treated And Shot Peened A1cu5mg2 Hirsch, Vohringer, Macherauch 1984005
Combined Surface Treatment By Shot Peening And Power Brushing Hirose, Moriya, Harada, Yamada 1984006
Contraintes Residuelles Et Fatigue Des Alliages D'aluminium Grenaillees Niku-Lari, A. and Gillereau, D. 1984007
Controlled Shot Peening Reduces Or Eliminates Stress Corrosion Cracking Feld, P.G. and Gillespie, R.D. 1984008
Controlled Shot Peening To Increase The Fatigue Properties Of Crankshafts Burrell, N.K. 1984009
Crack Initiation And Growth In Shot-peened And Prestrained Peened High Strength Steel Berns, H. and Weber, L. 1984010
Defects And Virtues Of The Almen Intensity Scale Fuchs, H.O. 1984011
Dent And Affected Layer Produced By Shot Peening Iida, K. 1984012
Effect Of Shot Peening On Hardened High Carbon Steels And Its Mechanism Jian-zong, Nai-sai, Hui-jiu 1984014
Effect Of Shot Peening On Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Of Non Ferrous Alloys Sharma, M.C. and Mubeen, A. 1984015
Effect Of Shot Size On Peening Intensity For Local Peening Of Different Thickness Samples Sharma, M.C. and Mubeen, Abdul 1984016
Effects Of Peening On Fatigue Life Of Wrought 5454 Aluminum Simpson, R. and McCagg, D. 1984017
Effects Of Shot Peening On Fatigue Of Ti-6a1-4v Powder Compacts Cammett, Eylon, Smith, Cooke 1984018
Effects Of Shot-peening On Fatigue Of Compressive Coil Springs Baao, Zhenhuan, Zhunling, Renzhi 1984019
Etude Par Diffractometrie X Et Par Microscopie Electronique Des Couches Grenaillees Hakimi, Servant, Castex 1984020
Experimental Determination Of Fatigue Strength As Related To Peening Intensity And Specimen Thicknes Woelfel, M.M. 1984021
Finite Element Studies Into Incomplete Coverage In Shot Peening Meguid, S.A. and Klair, M.S. 1984023
Improvement Of The Fatigue Strength Of Titanium Compponents Under Variable Amplitude Loading Schutz, Walter 1984027
Influence De Differents Traitements De Parachevement Sur La Tenue En Fatigue De Pieces Soudees Flavenot, J.F. and Bramat, M. 1984029
Influence du Grenaillage sur Ie Comportement en Fatigue d'Assemblages Soudes en Acier OLE 1984030
Influence Of A Shot Peening Treatment On The Fatigue Limit Of Ti-6a1-4v Wagner, L. and Lutjering, G. 1984031
Influence Of Residual Stress On Fatigue Lilmit In Various Carbon Steels Jia-wen, Zhi-zhong, Ding-quan 1984032
Influence Of Shot Peening On Notched Fatigue Strength Of Ti-6a1-4v Gerdes, C. and Leutjering, G. 1984033
Influence Of Shot Peening On The Residual Stresses In Spring Steel Plate DeLitizia, Alfred T. 1984034
Influence Of Shot Peening On The Fatigue Strength Of Various Heat Treated Steels Burakowski, T. and Nakonieczny, A. 1984035
Influence Of Shot Peening With Diff.peen.mater.on Stress Corr.and Corr.fat.behavior Of Weld.a1znmg Koehler, W. 1984036
Influence Of Shot-peening On Fatigue And Corrosion-fatigue Behavior Of Structural Steel Kirk, D. and Jarrett, M. 1984037
Influence Of The Shot Peening Parameters On The Surface Layer Properties And Fat. Life Of Ti-6a1-4v Wagner, L. and Lutjering, G. 1984038
Instrumentation And Control Of Impact Finishing Processes Deloughry, Al-Hassani, Browne, Greene 1984039
Investigations On Peen Forming (3rd Report: Applications For The Improvement Of Shape Accuracy) Kondo, Kato, Sugimoto. 1984041
Kugelstrahlumformen, Neuere Technologische Und Theoretische Entwicklungen Kopp, R. Prof. 1984042
On The Relation Between Delamination Wear And Microcrack Propagation Jiawen, He 1984049
Peen Forming Of Airfoil Shapes For Aircraft Wing Sections Burmeister, T.J. 1984051
Peening By Water Salko, Djosic 1984052
Prevention Of Stress Corrosion Cracking Of Weldment By Wet Shot Peening Takemoto, Shinohara, Shirai, 1984053
Rationalisierung Druckluftbetriebener Bosshard, R. 1984055
Relaxation Of Shot Peening Induced Compressive Stress During Fatigue Of Notched Steel Samples Bergstrom, J. and Ericsson, T. 1984057
Residual Stress Distribution In Shot Peened Plates Roth, Bernasconi, Strassler 1984058
Shot Peening Bolt Holes In Aircraft Engine Hardware Happ, M. B. 1984061
Tenue A La Corrosion Sous Contrainte D'un Acier Inoxydable. Influence De L'etat De Surface Niku-Lari, Meniel, Beranger 1984062
The Effect Of Shot Peening On Contact Fatigue Behavior Of 40cr Steel After Compound Heat Treatment Jingpu, Zhu 1984064
The Effect Of Shot-peening On Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior Of Stainless Steel Renzhi, Xiangbin, Yuanfa, 1984065
The Effects Of Shot Peening On Pressure Tightness Of Nonferrous Die Castings Hui-He, Wang and Xu-Di, Yuan 1984066
The Improvement Of Fatigue Durability Of Carb. Steels With Surf. Structure Anomalies By Shot Peening Kikuchi, Ueda, Hanai, Naito 1984067
The Influence Of Peening Conditions On The Resulting Distribution Of Residual Stress Wohlfahrt, H. 1984068
The Relationship Between Peening Intensity And Metal Erosion Rate With Respect To Nozzle Angle Farrari, V.A. and Woelfel, M.M. 1984069
The Use Of Shot Peening To Delay Stress Crack Initiation On Axles For Coal Mine Duty Use Simpson, R. and Burge, B. 1984070
The Use Of Specialised Shot Peening Techniques Or Tapered Leaf Suspension Springs For Road Vehicles Robinson, C.G. and Smart, E. 1984071
Use Of Industrial Robots To Increase Productivity Of Peening Operation Johnston, W.S. 1984072
Influence Du Grenaillage Sur Le Comportement En Fatigue D'assemblages Soudes En Acier Hle Picouet, Bignonnet, Lieurade 1984074
Investigation of the Effect of Elastic Prestressing Technique on Magnitude of Compressive Residual Stress Induced By Shot Pee C. Barrett, R. Todd 1984089