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Papers presented at ICSP-10 in Tokyo, Japan in 2008
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 92
TitleAuthorDoc No.
Aerospace Shot Peening Practices And Nadcap Champaigne, Jack 2008029
Ricochet Peening P. Bailey, J. Champaigne, C. Long 2008030
Residual Stresses And Near Surface Material Condition Of Welded High Strength Steels After Different Mechanical Post-weld Nitchke-Pagel, K Dilger, H Eslami, I Weich, T Umme 2008031
Residual Stress Determination In Mechanically Treated Weldments With Help Of Different Measurement Methods. Th Nitschke-Pagel, K. Dilger, H Eslami-Chalandar 2008032
Effect Of Ultra Shot Peening On Casting Shape Memory Alloy Y Watanabe, K Hattori, M Handa, Y Yoshimi, T Inaba 2008033
Butt Joining Of Sheet By Shot Peening Harada, Fukaura, Yamamoto, Ujihashi, Kobayashi 2008042
Combination Of The Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (smat) And The Co-rolling Process For The Production Of A Nanostruc L Waltz, D Retraint, A Roos, P Elier, J Lu 2008043
Comparison Of Peening Techniques On 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel S Clitheroe, MTurski, A Evans, J Kelleher, D Hughe 2008044
State Of The Art In Shot Peening Simulation V. Schulze, M. Klemenz, M. Zimmermann 2008045
A Novel 3d Finite Element Simulation Model For The Prediction Of The Residual Stress State After Shot Peening M. Zimmermann, V. Schulze, H. U. Baron, D. L 2008046
Development Of Fatigue Limit Analysis Diagram F Takahashi, K Ando, K TAKAHASHI, H OKADA, M Oohas 2008047
3d Multi-impact FE Solution For Peening Residual Stress In Aisi4340 Steel Taehyung Kim, Hyungyil Lee, Seong-Kyun Cheong 2008048
Shot Peening Modeling By Combining DEM And FEM Bhuvaraghan, Potdar, Akkaram, Domas, McClain, Bhar 2008049
Finite Element Simulation Of Shot Peening And Stress Peen Forming H.Y. Miao, C. Perron, M. L 2008050
Singularity Of Cavitation Shotless Peening Compared With Shot Peening H. Soyama 2008051
Effect Of Cavitation Shotless Peening On Fatigue Strength Of Steel Gear M. Seki, H. Soyama, M. Fujii, A. Yoshida 2008052
Fatigue Property Improvement Of Type 316l Steel By Cavitation Shotless Peening K. MASAKI , Y. OCHI, H. SOYAMA 2008053
Improvement Of Fatigue Strength Of Light Metallic Materials By Cavitation Shotless Peening Y. Sekine, N. Miyamoto, H. Soyama 2008054
Improvement Of Bending Fatigue Limit By Cavitation Peening For Carbon Steel Specimens Containing An Artificial Surface Defect Fukuda, Matsui, Ishigami, Amano, Takahas, Ando 2008055
Effect Of Shot Peening On Surface Integrity Katsuji Tosha 2008056
Overview Of The Effects Of Surface Enhancement Processes On Plastic Strain, Work Hardening And Residual Stresses B Bhuvaraghan, O Prakash, Sivakumar M.S., Y Potdar 2008057
Computational Prediction Of Shot-peening Induced Residual Stresses Under Cyclic Loading J. Liu, H. Yuana 2008058
Shot Peening Of Nitrided Layer A. Nakonieczny, G. Monka, I. Pokorska 2008059
Thermal Relaxation Of Residual Stresses Induced By Shot Peening In In718 J. Hoffmeister, V. Schulze, A. Wanner, R. Hessert, 2008060
Tribological Propties Of Au Film Plated On The Modified Surface By Shot Peening In Bounadry Lubrication H Usami, K Chou, M Ando, M Morikawa 2008061
Analyzing The Near-surface Deformation Gradients Due To Shot Peening And Ball-burnishing Of Alpha Brass And Stainless Steel S. Yi, M. Wollmann, T. Ludian and L. Wagner 2008062
Thermal Stability Of Residual Stress Induced By Heavy Deformation On Sus316l Stainless Steel Yamamoto, Harada, Ohnishi, Kakutani, Fujio, Nakahi 2008063
A Scaling Law In Shot Peening Induced Surface Material Property Deviations A.M. Frishman, C.C.H. Lo, Y. Shen, and N. Nakagawa 2008064
Effect Of Shot Peening On Temper Hardness Kobayashi, Ujihashi, Okumura, Ishikura, Kano, Kato 2008065
Fine Particle Bombarding Technology And Functional Development Of Metal Surface Chuji Kagaya, Yoshiro Yamada 2008066
Improvement In Tooth Surface Strength Of Carburized Transmission Gears By Fine Particle Bombarding Carburized Process M. Yoshizaki, Hino Motors, Ltd. 2008068
Surface Conditioning By Ultrasonic Wet Peening A. Kienzler, V. Schulze and D. L 2008069
Improvement Of Corrosion Resistance Of High-strength Aluminum Alloy By Fine-particle Bombarding Treatment T. Morita, A. Sakamoto, C. Kagaya, H. Nakaguchi 2008070
Influence Of Fine Particle Bombarding On Surface Strength Of Carburized Steel Under Rolling Contact Condition Yuji Ohue and Yuji Senno 2008071
Applicability Of Fine Particle Peening On Surface Modification Of Aluminum Alloy M Ando, H Kitano, H Usami and T Endo 2008072
Formation Of Homogeneous Lamellar Structure With Nano-scale Grains Under Material Surfaces By Fine Particle Bombarding Yoji Miyachi, Noboru Egami and Hirohisa Kimach 2008073
Fatigue Property Enhancement By Fine Particle Shot Peening For Aircraft Aluminum Parts A.Inoue, T. Sekigawa and K. Oguri 2008074
Effect Of Fine Particle Bombarding On Thermal Fatigue Property Of Tool Steel For Die Casting S Takagi, M Kumagai, T Satsuta, A Sano, E Shimodai 2008075
Influence Of Workpiece Conditions On Residual Stress Induced By Shot Peening Ishikura, Kano, Kobayashi, Ujihashi, Okumura 2008076
Development Of Fe-based Metallic Glass Shot Amo-beads For Peening With High Strength And Long Life K.Okumura,K.Kajita,J.Kurosaki,H.Kimura,A.Inoue 2008077
Ceramic Shot Experimental Demonstration Of Intelligent Peen Forming On Aluminium Alloy Abadie, Beaudonnet , Zarka 2008078
Application Of The Shot Peen Forming Process To Sandwich- And Laminate Structures G. Hirt, H. Dackweiler 2008079
Fatigue Strength And Shot-peening Akira Tange, Fumio Takahashi 2008080
Influence Of Decarburization On The Fatigue Behaviour Of Shot Peened Spring Steels DALAEI, H 2008081
Application Of Ceramic Shot For Peening Of Automotive Suspension Coil Springs Abadie, Beaudonnet, Dixon, Fader, Fabre, Barrallie 2008082
Stress Relaxation Resistance For Improved Fatigue Performance Of Shot Peened Tool Components Medvedeva, Bergstr 2008083
Thermomechanical Surface Treatment Of Quenched And Tempered Sae 1045: A Method To Improve Fatigue Life & Strength A. Cherif, B. Scholtes 2008084
Improvement Of Bending Fatigue Limit By Shot Peening For Spring Steel Specimens Containing An Artificial Surface Defect KTakahashi Ando Amano Miyamoto FTakahashi Tange On 2008085
Short Crack Fatigue Behaviour Of Nitrided And Shot Peened Steels I. Fern 2008086
Parametric Studies On The Fatigue Performance Of Shot Peened Aisi 316l Material Dr. P.K. Brahmankar, S.B. Mahagaonkar, C.Y. Seemik 2008087
A Life Prediction And Fatigue Characteristics Of Differential Gear Applied By Optimal Peening Condition Dong Sun Lee, Seong Kyun Cheong 2008088
Effects Of Shot Peening On Torsional Fstigue Limit For Spring Steel Specimens Containing An Artificial Surface Defect Takahashi, Ando, Okada, Furuyama, Ishizuka, Nishim 2008089
Effect Of Shot Peening After Carbonitriding On The Contact Fatigue Strength Of Chromium-containing Steel A. Goloborodko, Y. Watanabe 2008090
Effect Of Shot Peening On Bending Fatigue Strength Of Spring Steel Specimens Containing An Artificial Surface Defects H.Okada, K.Ando, K.Takahashi, Y.Abe, T.Nakano, K.K 2008091
Effects Of Shot Peening On Torsional Fatigue Strength Of High Strength Spring Steel In Air And Corrosive Environment M. Wakita, T. Kuno, T. Hasegawa, K. Saruki, K. Tan 2008092
Influence Of Shot Peening On Fatigue Strength Of Welded Structure H. Suzuki, M. Hasegawa 2008093
Shot Peening Of Non-ferrous Alloys To Enhance Fatigue Performance L. Wagner, M. Wollmann 2008094
Corrosion Fatigue Of Al-alloy Aa7020 In Different Surface Treatment States K. Timmermann, W. Zinn, B. Scholtes 2008095
Influence Of Shot Peening Treatment On The Fatigue Life Of Ti6ai4v Eli Biomedical Alloy S. Amin-Yavari, A.A. Ziaei-Moayed, H.R. Madaah-Hos 2008096
Influence Of Shot Peening And Burnishing On Smooth And Notched Fatigue Strengths Of Titanium Alloys T. Ludian, J. Atoura and L. Wagner 2008097
The Influence Of Surface Enhancement By Low Plasticity Burnishing On The Corrosion Fatigue Performance Of 7475-T7351 And 2024 D. Hornbach, P. Prev 2008098
Influence Of Shot Peening On The Fatigue Behaviour Of Ti-6Ai-4V In Respect Of Multiaxial Loading B. Oberwinkler, H. Leitner, M. Stoschka 2008099
Effect Of Shot Peening On Fatigue Performance Of Two Titanium Alloys H. Bae, B. Flinn, M. Ramulu, G. Weber and H. Diep 2008100
On-aircraft Shot Peening Application Using The Stressonic Duchazeaubeneix, Desfontaine, Forgues, Labelle 2008101
Ultrasonic Impact Treatment For Surface Hardening Of The Aero-engine Material In718 R. Hessert, J. Bamberg, W. Satzger, T. Taxer 2008102
The Ultrasonic Nano-crystal Surface Modification Technology And It's Application To Improve Fatigue Strength, Wear Resistance Pyoun, Suh, IH Cho, Kim, IS Cho, Lee, Park, Jung 2008103
Laser Peening Without Coating: Process, Effects And Applications Y. Sano, N. Mukai, M. Obata 2008104
Laser Shock Peening Of A Titanium Alloy: Influence Of Process Parameters Cellard, Retraint, Rouhaud, Francois, Viguera-Sanc 2008105
Observation Of Expansion Velocity Of Laser Plasmas Using A Streak Camera Heya, Matsumoto, Takeshita, Okihara, Yamanaka 2008106
Effect Of Laser Peening On Fatigue Prpoerties For Aircraft Structure Parts T. Adachi, H. Takehisa, M. Nakajima, Y. Sano 2008107
Stress Peening Of Minibloc-springs, The Most Sophisticated Coil Springs E. M 2008108
Effect Of New Peening Treatment On Fatigue Property Of Cast Aluminum Alloy M. Kakizaki, T. Yamada, N. Hasegawa 2008109
Present Status Of Shot Peening Machine In Auto Parts Processing Lines In Japan T. Oyama 2008110
The Newest Shot Peening Technology For Aircraft Components M. Hiraga, W. Hisada, M. Shimada, T. Sakurai 2008111
Characterization Of Manual Shot Peening Process: Preliminary Results H. Diep, H. Bae and M. Ramulu 2008112
Simulation Of The Ultrasonic Shot Peening Process P. Thuemmler, H. Polanetzki, V. Schulze 2008113
Effect Of Shot Peening On Fine Grain Steel K. Seki, M. Hashimoto, M. Gotoh, H. Hirose 2008114
Formation Of Surface Nanocrystalline Structure In Steels By Air Blast Shot Peening H. Saitoh, T. Ochi, M. Kubota 2008115
Effect Of Ultrasonic Shot Peening On The Fatigue Characteristics Of Welded Sts304 For Rolling Stock Cheong, DS Lee, JH Lee, Handa, Watanabe 2008116
Residual Stress-induced Subsurface Fatigue Crack Nucleation In Shot Peened Titanium Alloys Maawad, Yi, Brokmeier, Wollmann, Wagner 2008117
Influence Of Ball-burnishing On Stress Corrosion Cracking, Fatigue And Corrosion Fatigue Of Ai 2024 And Ai 6082 M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann and L. Wagner 2008118
Influnce Of Microshot Peening On Surface Characteristics Of High-speed Tool Steel Y. Harada, Y. Kobayashi, E. Nagashima, H. Ta 2008119
Surface Modification Of Carbon Steel By Shot Lining Y. Harada, Y. Kobayashi, E. Nagashima, H. Ta 2008120
Microstructure Evolution And Mechanical Proporties Of Sus 304 By Ultrasonic And Air Blast Shot Peening Yu, Dong, Shin, Yoo, Jung, S.J. Kim, J.H. Kim 2008121
Finite Element Analysis Of Shot Peening -on The Profile Of A Single Dent- M. Kitamura , K. Tosha, E. Rouhaud 2008122
Effect Of Peened Surface Characteristics On Flow Resistance Hiromitsu Kiyoto 2008123
Influence Of Shot Peening On Fatigue Strength Of Aluminum-alloy Parts H. Suzuki, Dr. H. Makino, K. Mizuno, T. Tomita 2008124
Influence Of Shot Peening On Fatigue Strength Of Friction Welded Joint H.Suzuki, M.Hasegawa 2008125
Investigation of a Shot Peened Turbine Blade after Long-Term Use J.Jung, H.Lee, W.Lee, Kim, N.Jung 2008126
Effect Of Deep Rolling On The Cyclic Performance Of Magnesium And Aluminum Alloys In The Temperature Range 20-250 Altenberger, Wagner, Mhaede, Juijerm, Noster 2008127
Light Reflection Model Of Pixel-based Surface Patch For Shot Peening Coverage Estimation Xiao-Wei Tu, Claude Perron 2008128
Process Monitoring For Deep Rolling In The Serial Production Dipl.Ing. Gerhard Wilcke, Dr.Ing. Karsten R 2008129