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Papers presented at ICSP-1 in Paris, France 1981
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 73
TitleAuthorDoc No.
A New Type Of Nozzle Developed for the Study of the Effect of Shot-size on Intensity of Peening Under Specified Peening Param Sharma, M.C. and Jain, A.K. 1981000
A Practical Approach To Forming And Strengthening Of Metallic Components Using Impact Treatment Meguid, S.A. and Duxbury, J.K. 1981001
A Simultaneous Method Of Impart.compres.stresses On Var.substrates While Maint.surface Integrity Joersch, J. F. and Neal, J. W. 1981002
A Study Of Controlled Peening Parameters On The Properties Of Machined Surfaces Neema, M.L. and Pandey, P.C. 1981003
Air Blast Power Units For Shot Peening Applications Hill, E. J. 1981005
Amelioration De La Tenue A La Fatigue - Corrosion D'organes De Turbines Hydrauliques Waldura, H. 1981006
Amelioration Grenail.precont.de Resist.corr.sous Tension De Fils En Acier Au Carbone Pres.cont.hyd. Le Boucher, B. 1981007
Anlagen Zur Umformung Nach Dem Kugelstrahlverfahren Bosshard, R. G. 1981008
Ball-drop Plate Bending: An Experimental Study Of Some Of Its Process Variables Ghosh, Johnson, Mamalis 1981009
Basic Curves Of Surface Finish After Glass Bead Peening Balcar, G.P. and Maltby, F.C. 1981010
Biegewechselfestigkeit Und Grossen.bei Untersch.warmebeh.stahlproben Aus Ck 45 Nach Kugelstrahlen Starker, Wohlfahrt, Macherauch 1981011
Caracterisation Par Diffraction X D'une Couche Grenaillee Maeder, Lebrun, Diament 1981012
Characteristiques Des Grenailles Utilisees Shot Peening Arnaud, P. 1981013
Contribution A L'etude Du Parachevement Des Soudures Pour L'amelioration De Leur Resist.a La Fatigue Bramat, M. 1981014
Control Of Stress Corrosion Cracking By Shot Peening Takemoto, Shinohara, Shirai 1981015
Der Einfluss Des Kugelstrahlens Auf Die Dauerfestigkeit Von Blatt Und Parabelfedern Kuhnelt, G. 1981016
Effect Of Shot Peening Methods On The Fatigue Behaviour Of Alloy 7075-t6 Was, Pelloux, Frabolot 1981018
Effect Of Shot Peening On Properties Of Carbonitrided Case With Retained Austenite Pakrasi, S. and Betzold, J. 1981019
Effect Of Shot Peening On Stress Corrosion Cracking And Corrosion Fatigue Speidel, M. O. 1981020
Effect of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Strength of Small Spring Wire and Coil Springs Hirose, S. 1981021
Effect Of Shot Peening Variables On Bending Fatigue Horvath, J. A. 1981023
Einfluss Des Kugelstrahlens Auf Die Schwing.von Fedest.bei Untersch.randent.und Versch.reinheits. Kloos, K.H. and Kaiser, B. 1981024
Ermittlung Von Einflussgrossen Beim Kugelstrahlen Durch Einzelkornversuche Clausen, R. 1981025
Fatigue Life Improvement Of High-strength Materials By Shot Peening Schutz, W. 1981026
General Aspects Of Shot Peening, Criteria Of Parameters Selection Burakowski, T. and Nakonieczny, A. 1981027
History Of Shot Peening Cary, P. E. 1981028
Improved Method Of Shot Peening Control Examines Variables In Production Process Sanderson, A.M. and Slingsby, R.G. 1981029
Influence De L'etat Surf.sur Resist.a La Fat.acier A 13% De Chrome Pour Ailetages De Turb.a Vapeur Donati, Grattier, Masson, Ternon 1981030
Influence Du Grenai.de Precont.et De La Rugosite Avant Granail.sur La Tenue En Serv.d'aciers Ressort Granottier, C. 1981031
Influence Due Grenail.precon.sur Tenue Fatigue Et Sur La Corr.sous Tens.des All.d'alum.ser.5000/7000 Gaillard, Chouvy, Blechet, Moguerou 1981032
Influence Of Shot Peening On Fatigue And Corrosion Fatigue Behav.of An Austenitic-ferritic Stnls.stl Muller, Verpoort, Gessinger 1981033
Influence Of Shot Peening On The Fatigue Behaviour Of A Precipitation Hardenable Austenitic Steel Hornbogen, Thumann, Verpoort 1981034
Influence Of Shot Peening On The Initiation And Propagation Of Fatigue Crack In Some Construc.steels Deng, Jin, Zhou 1981035
Influence Of Shot Peening On The Fatigue Behaviour Of Titanium Alloys Wagner, L. and Lutjering, G. 1981036
The Influence on the Fatigue Strength of Aluminum Alloy Parts of the Relationship between the Surface Residual Stress State a Jaensson, B. 1981037
Investigation On The Microstructure In Shot-peening Surface Straining Layer Of Materials R. Wang, Y. Tan, X. Li, M. Yan 1981039
Investigations On Peen Forming (2nd Report; On The Forming Mechanism) Kondo, Tsuzuki, Kato 1981040
Kugelstrahl - Umformen - Ein Flexibles Umformverfahren Kopp, R. and Hornauer, K.P. 1981041
Kugelstrahlen Und Dauerschwingverhalten Wohlfahrt, H. 1981042
La Determination Des Precontraintes De Grenaillage Par Diffractometrie X Et Leur Modelisation Castex, L. and Joubert, F. 1981043
La Resistance A La Fatigue Des Toles Oxycoupees Piraprez, E. 1981044
Les Equipements Auxil.pour Les Appl.du Shot Peening Utilisant Les Generateurs De Proj.a Air Comprime Cardon, M. 1981045
Measurement And Control Of Impact Finishing Processes Neelakantan, Green, Foo, John 1981046
Measurement Of Stresses Induced By Shot Peening Birley, S.S. and Owens, A. 1981049
Mechanical Aspects Of Residual Stress Development In Shot Peening Al-Hassani, S.T.S. 1981050
Methode De La Fleche Methods De La Source Des Contraintes Residuelles Niku-Lari, A. 1981051
Plastically Deformed Depth In Shot Peened Magnesium Alloys Ebihara, Fiore, Angelini 1981052
Predicting The Effect Of Shot Peening On Weld Fatigue Life Chang, S. and Lawrence Jr., F.V. 1981053
Reduction Due Risque De Corrosion Sous Tension Dans Les Aciers Austenitiques Soudes Coulon, Leymonie, Verdier, Vittemant 1981055
Residual Stress And Fatigue Strength Of Surface Hardened Components Koibuchi, Hayama, Kawai 1981056
Residual Stresses And Retained Austenite In Shot Peened Steels Kirk, D. 1981057
Role Du Grenaillage Sur Duree Vie En Torsion Ondulee D'un Acier Ressort Traite Haut Niveau De Resist Heinrich, Mas, Lemaitre, Lumet, Boussea 1981058
Shot Peening Niku-Lari, A. 1981061
Shot Peening As A Stress Corrosion Preventive In Al-zn-mg Welded Joints Birley, S. S. 1981062
Shot Peening Of Superalloys And Its Fatigue Properties At Elevated Temperature R. Wang, Zhang, D. Song, Y Yin 1981064
Shot Peening To Prevent The Corrosion Cracking Of Austenitic Stainless Steels Friske, W.H. and Page, J.P. 1981065
Technical Aspects Of Shot Peening Machinery And Media Plaster, H. J. 1981067
The Application Of Computer - Diagnostics To High Production Shot Peening Systems Leliaert, R. M. 1981068
The Control Of Manual Shot Peening Clarke, D. and Birley, S.S. 1981069
The Effect Of Shot Peening On Contact Fatigue Life Of Carburized Steel Cheng, J. and Ao, B. 1981070
The Effect Of Shot Peening To Decarburized Spring Steel Plate Sato, Inoue, Ohno 1981071
The Effect Of Surface Plastic Deformation On Fatigue Strength And Its Mechanism Hu, N. and Zhou, H. 1981072
The Evolution Of Centrifugal Wheel Shot Peening In Aerospace Industry And Recent Applications Baughman, D. L. 1981073
The Fatigue Strength And Fracture Morphology Of Leaf Spring Steel After Prestressed Shot Peening J. Xu, D. Zhang, B. Shen 1981074
The Improvement Of Fatigue And Surface Charac.of Alloy 7075-t6 By Secondary Peening With Glass Beads Snowman, A. and Schmidt, R.G. 1981075
The Influence Of Shot Peening On Surface Integrity Of Some Machined Aerospace Materials Koster, Gatto, Cammett 1981076
The Strength Of Shot Peened Parts, Design Calculations And Specifications Fuchs, H.O. 1981077
Untersuchungen Zur Verbes.spannung.-bestand.einer Geschweis.hoch.al-legier.durch Kugelstrahlen Kohler, W. 1981078
Use of Shot Peening to Delay Stress Corrosion Crack Initiation in Austenitic 8Mn8Ni4Cr Generator End Ring Steel Wigmore, G. and Miles, L. 1981079
Using Stress Peen Forming Process For Integrally Stiffened Wing Panels Li, K. 1981080
Verbesserung Der Schmiedestuckeigenschaften Durch Strahlen Doege, E. and Bender, W. 1981081
Werkstoffzustand Und Biegewechselfestigkeit Von Kugelgestrahltem 16 Mn Cr5 Schrieber, Wohlfahrt, Macherauch, Starker 1981082
The Effect Of Shot Peening On The Fatigue Life Of Machine Elements Nakonieczny, A. 1981083